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WARNING: The company's webinar is on the PRODUCT. The next webinar (FRIDAY) is with those who decide to partner with us. That is where the marketing and presentation are shown! It is the marketing, as you'll see from a top producer, that makes this program awesome.

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Wednesday, March 25, 2015
2pmET, 1pmCT, 12pmMT, 11amPT Time

In this webinar, you are going to discover:
Christopher Westfall

Christopher Westfall

Dennis Rand

Dennis Rand
  • How you can help those UNDER 65 with health insurance year-round
  • How you can get someone a compliant plan to avoid the IRS penalties
  • How you can create a tremendous, new income stream with unique benefits
  • How to sell it 100% over the phone
Cancun with New Era

Cancun has some of the most beautiful beaches.
This was an all-inclusive resort with food, drink, and fun!

Cancun with New Era

Chris was interested in networking with the other top folks from around the U.S., while Nicole was having too much fun in the sun!

Frequently Asked Questions
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Who are you folks?

Why should I go through you?

Can't I go direct to the insurance company?

Can this be sold by phone?

Is this legal?

We are a successful agency that has a background of selling Medicare insurance plans by phone for the past 8 years. We have over 1,500 agents as members of and are now entering a unique opportunity in <65 health insurance which is also sold successfully by phone.|This a niche that is not well known, even by health insurance experts who have been enrolling folks with Obamacare since the beginning. We are tied in with top producers to share their best practices in this highly profitable niche.|Yes, you absolutely could. They will put you at the same, exact, commission level and you will be on your own to figure out your marketing plan and the best mix of products to make sales happen. It's the same commission either way - why not get help?|Yes, very successfully. We cover that in the training. The products have an easy-to-complete electronic application that can all be done online. |Yes, absolutely. These are state-approved health products by a legitimate insurance company. The unique tacticts involved in how they are combined and employed together make a big difference to the success of their marketing.[/pbuilder_accordion]

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