You can change Medicare Supplements 365 days a year!
Christopher can be reached at 1-800-729-9590
You can call our number 24 hours a day.
Christopher is licensed in 46 states and is an independent broker with NO FEE that can help you find the best value plan.
You do NOT have to wait until October to lower your rates!

Update for 2020:
Plan N is far and away the best value for 2020 and beyond.
See why:

Lower Monthly Premium Cost than Plan F OR Plan G

Better Future Rate Increases - See the trend in our research

You Pay Part B Deductible Once per Year ($198)

Up to $20 Co-Pay at Doctors, $50 for Emergency Room

Freedom to Use ANY Medicare Provider in the United States

Emergency Coverage for Outside the USA

Update from December, 17, 2019:

Christopher Westfall & Family

  • Licensed Medicare Agent for 24 Years
  • Licensed in 46 states
  • Thousands of happy senior clients
  • Service available by phone = EASY!
  • No home visit necessary


A native of Florida, Christopher and his family now make their home in Charleston, SC.  He has clients in nearly every state.

 Watch the video about who Chris is here 

Christopher's practice grew based on his ability to make the complex world of Medicare SIMPLE, by visually explaining the options available to seniors. 

Using this method, seniors are better informed and that makes for better decisions.

Other Helpful Videos from Chris:

Turning 65 and the Best Medicare Supplement Choice

How to Find the Best Part D Drug Plan

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Frequently Asked Questions
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Who are you folks?

We are a successful agency that has a background of helping seniors in 42 states with their Medicare choices. We are completely independent in our recommendations and take into account company background, rate increase history, stability in the marketplace, and current rates.
We can help you to see what is available, at no cost as our service is free, at 1-800-729-9590.

Why should I go through you?

You could go direct to any insurance company, too, although you would forego the service of an independent agent whose only job is to look out for your interest -not only in the first year, but each year after that, too.

Many seniors DO go straight to an insurance company, and then are not privy to new information in the market and opportunities to save money vs. their renewal increases in future years. This is not advisable, and the services of an independent broker like Chris, are always free to you.

Can this be handled by phone?

Yes, very simply.
You do not have to have any computer skills whatsoever. We handle everything and lay it out simply.

You will be happy to see the options made available to you in our simple format.

Are you licensed?

Yes, and we will gladly send you our licensing information upon request. It is ALWAYS a good idea to verify the state licensing of any proposed financial advisor.

Best way to contact you?

The best way to contact us is by calling our office at 1-800-729-9590.
We are here to help you! Remember, our service costs you nothing and we fully disclose all of the opportunities for you in your local market.

Our Users Reviews

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One of the hardest things about choosing Medicare options is figuring out which policy fits you best. My medical and financial situation made it pretty easy to pick a Medicare supplement instead of Medicare Advantage, but it wasn't clear at all how to choose between all the plans and companies that offer Medicare supplements. Then I saw one of Chris Westfall's videos, and it all became clear. Chris' videos convinced me that Plan G was the way to go and that I should work with one of his people to select the best company offered in my zip code. One of his agents picked the company with the lowest premium and filled me in on their financial trustworthiness. And if they raise premiums more than is reasonable in the future, she'll contact me to help me pick another company.
Diana Fox
Via Google Reviews
Image result for google five stars 
Hannah made everything so easy, she send me information and let me think about things. This is a big decision, you need to weed through all the information. Thank goodness I happened to find this site. Make things easy peasy.
Linda Snyder
Via Google Reviews
Image result for google five stars 
Great service have used for years now. Robert contacted me to review my plan and save 20 monthly this year. They have your interests in mind
Pete Barre
Via Google Reviews

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